GamoraBound to hit the movie theaters in August 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy Movie will officially launch Second Phase of Marvel superhero universe. It acquires more and more classical Sci-Fi elements, because all members of the team are sturdy intergalactic adventurers. They still remain unknown to the audience en large, but this thing is about to change. The upcoming title already stirred the spirit of the fans, with questions and rumors popping up as mushrooms after a spring-rain.

Gamora definitely is the sexiest of the group. Her unmatched skills in inflicting pain make her by far the deadliest woman Marvel has created. She has a rather tumultuous past, starting with the annihilation of her own race. As an infant, she is saved by the mad titan Thanos who is expected to be the villain in Guardian of the Galaxy Movie. There is nothing surprising there, given the fact that he already appeared briefly in The Avengers. Furthermore, he is connected to other forces of evil which makes him the perfect cornerstone for the new expansion of Marvel’s world. That is not all – Gamora is not the only member of the Guardian who has serious reasons to hate Thanos. Drax the Destroyer has been brought from the dead solely to put an end to the threat the purple titan poses.

Little Gamora was sent back in time by Thanos who modified and trained her to become the ultimate assassin. Cunningly enough, Thanos veiled his own evil nature to earn her trust and then used her to deliver punishment to his adversaries. Soon enough, though, Gamora discovered the truth about her adopted father and attacked him without second thought. Alone, though, she stood little chance against the wrath of the titan. She was slain but her soul was saved by Warlock. Later, she was resurrected by the Infinity Gauntlet which granted her a new body. Then Gamora became member of the fearsome Infinity Watch, playing crucial role in all their missions. Constantly battling the evils in the galaxy, she served in a few organizations which keep the peace, before she was finally recruited by Star-Lord as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. By the time her fame as protector of good has spread to the farthermost corners of the universe. There are many hints that her looks played their part in Star-Lord’s choice, which could set us for a feisty on-screen relationship.


Several names are mentioned as potential actresses for the role of this deadly woman. Of course, nothing is yet official, but if the rumors are to be trusted Adrianne Palicki stands as a strong favorite. She faces tough competition in the beautiful faces of Kristianna Loken and Moon Bloodgood, among others, but one thing is for sure. The deadliest assassin’s graceful presence on the big screen can kill with a look, especially those weak of heart and feeble of mind. Still, the only one who has real reasons to fear is Thanos, the mad titan.