GrootAs is the case with almost all of Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot has quite illustrious, albeit somewhat unknown history. As part of the team of heroes which is supposed to launch the Second Phase of Marvel’s growing universe of cinematic superheroes, Groot is supposed to appear on the silver screen on August 1, 2014. The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie already sprang a lot of rumors and questions. And while rumors about any upcoming title are to be expected, the questions raised by this band of heroes could be a bit surprising. Probably the most common of them all is: Who, by the gods, are these five heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy?

Well, Groot is not your average superhero. He is a walking tree with consciousness (Hail, master Tolkien!), and he was the king of his kin. His home world, Planet X, suffered from unknown ailment and he decided to capture humans for experiments that could help him save his dominion. Alas, the big tree was almost destroyed and soon converted by S.H.I.E.L.D into helping them. In modern times, he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, largely thanks to his good friend Rocket Raccoon. Soon after he proved himself on the field of battle, making a noble sacrifice which allowed the rest of the team to escape with their lives. Rocket wisely had saved a twig from Groot which allowed him to regrow his close friend to full size again.

Groot features in almost all missions of the Guardians, playing quite pivotal role in most of them. He is big and strong, but also very inventive which helps the team gain significant advantage. His ability to regrow himself makes him quite unique character, despite the fact that he is terrified by termites. The little bugs really love Groot, both for his appearance and taste. After all, every superhero must have an Achilles Heel. There are a few years in his biography that are shrouded in mystery. There are some hints that he and Rocket Raccoon were rocking distant corners of the Galaxy for several years before re-joining the Guardians.

It will be interesting to see and mainly hear Groot on the big screen. In the comic books, he rarely speaks anything that makes sense. Some scientists come to the conclusion that there are no mental blocks for his speech. It is his larynx and vocal cords that are also quite wooden and lack the necessary flexibility to produce clear, intelligible sounds. Be that as it may, if only ten percent of his awesome visuals are displayed in the movie theaters everybody would be stunned. The big tree looks quite menacing and he definitely is a force of nature to be reckon with. His dominating presence on the field of battle is something that inspires allies and makes the enemies tremble. Enormous in size and incredibly strong, his clone once challenged even the mighty Hulk. Of course, the green superhero won but it was an epic clash the echoes of which will reverberate for centuries to come.