Guardians Of The Galaxy Games

Guardians Of The GalaxySet to lead Marvel’s invasion into deeper space, Guardians of the Galaxy Movie will launch on August 1, 2014. It opens a new page in the cinematic presence of Marvel superheroes. The so-called Second Phase of the carefully executed strategy of the studio has start with this production, followed up by sequels of Thor and Captain America.

Many loyal, albeit not hardcore, fans of the Marvel multiverse were a little bit surprised when the first title of the Second Phase was announced at Comic-Con. There is no doubt, the Guardians, especially as a team, are not among the most popular characters out there and the reasons for that are quite a few. Take for instance Groot. He, like all other members of the team, has been around for more than four decades now. After his first appearance, though, he can be seen in not more than a handful of comic books. Gamora and Star-Lord have gained somewhat greater notoriety, because she is hot and deadly and he has made too many mistakes in the past to go unnoticed. Rocket Raccoon also has his spot in a distant quadrant of the Galaxy, whereas for Drax the Destroyer is really surprising that he is not more popular than he actually is.

These are the five members of the Guardians who will lead the charge, figuratively speaking. If you hear their names for the first time today, do not worry. You are not the only one. Partially, the relative obscurity surrounding the Guardians of the Galaxy can be attributed to the lack of games with them. Comic books aside, electronic and tabletop games, plus toys, increase the popularity of any fictional character at least tenfold. But there are no Guardians of the Galaxy Games. Seriously. Even the collectibles are scarce and hard to find.

Captain America features in several titles. The Punisher and Nick Fury melt faces in action-packed arcade mayhem for more than twenty years now. Spider-Man features in more games than movies, that is for sure. But you cannot find Guardians of the Galaxy Games at all. Maybe this will change as the release date of the movie comes closer, but it doesn’t seem very likely. Marvel have not announced anything in this regard, so one can only hope. Maybe it is time for the fans to step up. Creating something unofficial, say, a Flash game does not take that long and can shed a lot of light to the line-up of heroes who guard the Galaxy. Hopefully, at least a few developers who are fans will see the current article and will rise to the challenge.

After all, the Guardians have participated in quite a few adventures, saving the universe on couple of occasions. They look quite cool and have interesting superpowers. However, the only thing available are a few plastic toys and they can hardly be dubbed as Guardians of the Galaxy Games. Three toys, to be exact. Drax, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon are the chosen ones to be depicted in plastic figurines. No Groot, no Gamora, not to mention the other members of the team, who apparently will be missing from the cinema production as well.

True, three figurines are better than nothing, but a few Guardians of the Galaxy Games down the road can make huge difference in the way the broad audience perceives these interesting characters.

Guardians Of The Galaxy