Guardians Of The Galaxy First News

Soon enough, Marvel’s Second Phase is about to commence. After The Avengers, the company announced its intent to expand their superhero universe further in space and movie theatres. Relatively unknown to the larger audience, the Guardians of the Galaxy will do the honours come August 2014. Casting is already undergoing, with the fan sites buzzing with news and rumours about who will assume the mantles – and fluffiness – of the new characters. But who are these guardians, actually?

Their team is a gang of interesting characters, who will appear on big screen for the first time with Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. Drax the Destroyer was brought back to life by god Kronos in order to stop Thanos, a mad titan. Groot is a giant walking tree, not too far off from the idea of an ent from Middle Earth. The adopted daughter of Thanos Gamora is a trained assassin who has plenty reason to despise her father. Rocket Raccoon probably has the highest appeal among the fans with his appearance and attitude. Finally, we have the Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians who is the officially appointed cop of the galaxy.

Because of their relatively low popularity, the fans are not exactly sure what to expect from Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. This was an effect Marvel sought, because it allows for greater creative freedom; something undoubtedly useful, especially when expanding of the universe is concerned. Most of the rumours, however, await the appearance of Thanos as a full-blooded villain. He is connected with the Guardians on several levels and made his brief cameo in the Avengers. What is more, he is related to other heroes and plots in the Marvel Universe which makes him particularly suitable for the growth of Second Phase.

Only time can tell whether the rumor has it right, but one thing is certain. Great excitement and anticipation lie ahead.

Guardians Of The Galaxy