Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Welcome to Second Phase or Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. Marvel announced intentions to expand their world of superheroes, villains, and struggles for galactic dominance. Surprisingly for many, the title which will launch this new phase is relatively unknown. This brings along risks and opportunities alike. Risks, because five unknown characters can be a touch too much to handle.

Guardians Of The GalaxyFirst of all, none of the Guardians is widely known as a stand-alone hero. Secondly, every character of The Avengers was introduced properly with a dedicated movie before their mighty alliance was formed. Obviously, this will not happen with the Guardians of the Galaxy but it can be all for the best. This relative anonymity allows the creators of the movie to let their imagination fly high. After all, everyone has an idea about what Hulk or Spider-Man can and must do. This is not the case with Gamora or Rocket Raccoon.

It is unlikely that the backstory in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie will trace the origins of this motley gang back to the late 1960s when they first appeared in Marvel comic books. The released concept art suggests as much. It depicts five of the Guardians’ team formed in 2008. Apparently, Phylla-Vell is missing from the picture, but Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and the Star-Lord all appear in style. This band of heroes is formed by the Star-Lord who was chosen to keep the galaxy safe. His suit grants him special abilities, but the galaxy is too big for a lone cop. He swiftly realizes the need for support and calls upon the other members. Once, Drax the Destroyer was a human whose life was ruined by Thanos; this purple titan fell in love with Death and decided to shower her with gifts. The only gifts the mistress of entropy can appreciate are carnage and bloodshed and Thanos provides them both, slaying Drax, back then known as Arthur Douglas, and his wife in the process. Kronos revives Drax with one purpose in mind – to take care of the purple titan who has gone completely out of control.

Guardians Of The GalaxyGamora also joins the Guardians bearing a serious grudge against Thanos. Despite the fact Thanos is her adopted father, who made her the killing machine she is, Gamora comes to know that he’s played a crucial role in the extinction of her race. Groot, a tree-like alien life form, joins the Guardians after his attempt to kidnap humans fails miserably. He was caught and soon after recruited by the Star-Lord to fight for good. A true superhero he may be, but he is still afraid of termites. Unlike the Rocket Raccoon, the brave Quadrant guardian who knows no fear. Admittedly, he looks a bit weird for an intergalactic superhero but this does not stop him from being particularly adored by the fans.

What the future brings through the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie remains to be seen, but everything indicates that there will be clashes with the mad titan. The creative freedom Marvel can enjoy with this title promises exciting new developments which are bound to set up the growing universe to new heights.