Rocket Racoon

Rocket RacoonMarvel announced the upcoming expansion of the their cinematic universe of superheroes. A world which is quite inhabited already with all the Avengers, depicted in detail in the movie with the same name, as well as in a series of titles about each character. Second Phase of the expansion will kick off in August 2014 with the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie which features a rather unknown gang of heroes. Most of them are known only to the hardcore fans; none will be presented to the audience with a dedicated movie as was the case with every single Avenger. So far, this ragged band of heroes definitely lacks the gloss of their more popular counterparts. Still, each one of them is an interesting individual with rich history and nice set of special abilities.

Probably the weirdest of them all is the Rocket Raccoon. Surely enough, he belongs to a race of intelligent, humanoid animals. This race was created by extremely logical robots whose consciousness was altered slightly by erupting cosmic radiation. Originally from the wicked planet Halfworld, these humanoid animals did not spread much beyond their quadrant of the galaxy. Rocket Raccoon was first spotted by the Incredible Hulk who met him on his journey to Halfworld. The Raccoon was serving as a guardian of the quadrant back in the day, and he didn’t hesitate to ask Hulk for help in times of need. Once help was rendered, Hulk was sent back to Earth, but Rocket Raccoon acquired some notoriety. The things he likes most is to use his guns with deadly accuracy, but he would never miss the chance for a wily comment and a good joke. Naturally, the raccoon has a very keen sense of smell. His ears also offer undeniable advantage to his allies. His inclination for brave deeds and incredible prowess with guns may be explained by the fact that he has been subject for laboratory experiments for a while, before escaping.

Rocket is also known as a a very savvy tactician. This prompts Star-Lord to seek his assistance for a mission on Kree. After a while, the raccoon proves himself as a leader of the party in the absence of the missing Star-Lord, giving the name Guardians of the Galaxy to the band of heroes. It was Rocket himself who managed to recruit Groot and then to lead the party to victory, rescuing Star-Lord.

Rumor has it that Jon Benjamin has been chosen for the role of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, due to be released on August 1, 2014. He is best known as the voice of Archer in the animated series with the same name. This suggests strongly that the Raccoon will not be a particularly childish character, despite his appearance. Still, this is just a tidbit from the rumor mill which is spinning fast already. Relatively unknown the Guardians might be, but surely the hype around them is already growing. If someone knows how to present new heroes to the audience, it surely is Marvel.