Star-LordHere is the mighty leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Set to lead the Second Phase of the expansion of Marvel Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Movie already poses a good number of questions and stirs the spirits of the eagerly anticipating fans. Admittedly, the characters of this team of superheroes are not among the most mainstream creations Marvel has ever come up with. All the same, each one of them boasts a quite rich bio in fighting evil and thwarting the plans of various intergalactic villains. Star-Lord makes no exception.

Originally, he was created back in 1970s by Steve Englehart and Steve Can. Born in auspicious circumstances as Peter Quill, he soon loses his human father. His mother takes care of him until the moment she is murdered by an alien. In truth, though, Peter’s real father is an alien himself which probably explains his thirst to explore the Galaxy. After escaping from his orphanage, Quill signs up to become a NASA astronaut. Because of his misbehavior in the past, he is denied the mantle of Star-Lord the first time of asking. However, Peter does everything he can and eventually manages to take the place that rightfully belongs to a colleague of his.

Star-Lord’s career as a protector of the universe continues as it begins. There are a few setbacks and not very well thought-through decisions on his end which cause a lot of trouble, including the destruction of his space vessel Ship. During the invasion of Hala he redeems himself, ultimately leading the planetary resistance to a decisive victory over the attackers. The events of this interplanetary warfare make Star-Lord realize that he alone cannot keep the galactic peace. In search for help, he forms the Guardians of the Galaxy unit by recruiting Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, with Drax the Destroyer joining the fray soon. The team grows in power and their reputation disturbs the inner peace of many villains. However, the main threat remains the titan who went mad – Thanos. It is almost beyond doubt that this titan will be the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie which will be released on August 1, 2014 with James Gunn being the director. Two of the Guardians have personal reasons to chase Thanos; he also showed himself in The Avenger, prompting further speculations about his role in the next phase of the expansion of Marvel Universe. Star-Lord himself aided the Avengers once to repel the attacks of Thanos.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the first serious name to emerge as the potential choice for the leader of the Guardians. Recently, though, the name of Michael Rosenbaum was strongly linked with the production. Hopefully, soon enough we will have official information. So far, the only thing left for the fans is to speculate and hope for the best. Those who are concerned that the Guardians of the Galaxy are not very known and that this can dent the ambitions of Marvel may rest assured. After all, Marvel are masters of creating awesome superheroes out of nothing. There is no reason to believe that this time will be any different.